About Us

DropOuts  is different from other traditional startups. The main aim of the foundersis to provide a study guide for the students of Pune belonging to different  domains.

Our team includes all  students  who share a great bond and have a proximity with the target customers for building our student relationship. This is  further organized and managed by our main team consisting of 3 to 4 pairs .

The founders have a global view of curtailing the efforts of the students when selecting and buying books, generating the reviews of the colleges and getting solved question banks. This is basically to create a one and only study guide for Pune.

We believe in radical transperency ,that’s why we list all our key stats along with our mentors and partners.


MISHAL YADAV (Founder):-  Initiator of this startup . Mishal  has grown from a student to a pioneer in beginning  this startup. He is there in every planning and estimation in its execution level .Plots  each of planning  and maps it to success.


AKASH BHARDWAJ (Founder):- Technically sound and skillful in area of technical expertise and have learning abilities for new technologies. Akash  is an extrovert and likes to gel up with new people and likes to lead and work in a team. Cracking  business deals and manipulating people accordingly is one of his areas of expertise.


 SUNIL KUMAR (Founder):-Sunil bridges the gap between different  domains.A kind hearted person from inside but extremely tough when it comes to discipline and deadlines. Holding the management smoothly and well being of empolyees are his working fields.